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ATS Knightsbridge:



  • Luxury 6,000+ sq. ft. sky villas across 5 X 47 storey towers at Sector 124 Noida.

  • One of the finest sample residences, and proven construction credentials (ATS Group).

  • Need to establish industry-best practices, from lead generation to messaging to closure. 


  1. Cross-pollinate Hub Knightsbridge (commercial) AND ATS Knightsbridge to generate assured & consistent cash flows through lifecycle.

  2. Deeper distribution efforts in South Delhi and adjunct markets. (Alaknanda, GK 2, New Friends Colony) New Opportunities (Hub Knightsbridge).

  3. Complete revamp and packaging of all brand material, communication

  4. Revamp of Annual Operating Plans with price hikes factored in



6 months  |  500+ budgeted walk-ins  |

20 closures ~ INR 7.5 cr ticket size in Sector 124, Noida.  

ATS KnightsBridge Ad- TOI
ATS KnightsBridge Ad 2 - TOI 

ATS KnightsBridge Ad - ET Panache

ATS KnightsBridge - Sourcing Mailer
Sourcing emailer for ATS KnightsBridge
Adhiraj Capital City Launch - Turf of the new age nobles document
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